Transpack BatSki and Pole Carrier


Product description

So very much not the cumbersome ski and pole totes we used as kids, the Transpack Ski Bat is a different animal altogether. No Velcro straps to struggle with, just pull out of your pocket, slide over your skis, snap in the poles, and you’re good to go, carrying your equipment conveniently by the handle created with the poles. Honestly, why someone didn’t come up with this years ago after struggling with other styles I cannot explain. Sized to fit junior or adult skis up to 80mm in waist width this is a parent’s new best friend if you’re teaching youngsters to take responsibility for their own gear. When they say something is “so easy a child could do it” you often have to wonder if they’re basing that on a particularly well-coordinated kid, or one measurably older than your kid, but this time, it’s true. I’m really quite amazed at how easy this is to carry and use, it’s only slightly larger than your average cell phone, sticks in place so you’re not forced to fumble around to snap the poles in place, and doesn’t shift or come undone when you’re carrying your gear. One of those little things that just makes life easier.

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