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TFeel Rating 4 Flow Snowboards

  • Molded Composite Rockered Baseplate
  • Molded Composite Uniback Hiback
  • Fusion PowerStrap
  • Locking Slap Ratchets
  • Full EVA Toe and Heel Inserts
  • Combidisk (4HP + 3HP)
  • Feel Rating: 4 (1 = softest/forgiving and 10 = stiffest/responsive in the Flow line)

    The Flow The Five is basically the Flow Quattro with nicer materials and it’s a little more comfortable. The Five’s design has changed very little over the years and makes for a binding with quick release and that’s about it. In the $200 range the bindings aren’t competing well with it’s peers. It has a quick release high back and that is about it. It still has the old strap that covers most of the top of your foot instead of a toe strap and the shock absorption is poor. It does have improved edge to edge response with the rocker base plate design but longitudinal flexing for something like a butter or press hasn’t really been addressed like it has with other bindings. The binding works and is reliable but the tech you sacrifice for a quick release binding might not be worth it to most. To us it’s very worth it to pay $20 extra and upgrade to The Five SE. At least you get an over the toe strap and a less pressure on the top of your foot. Some feel better response with the over the toe strap.