2023 Nordica Enforcer Free 110 Skis


About this item

  • Sidecut: 140/110/ mm from 177 – 191 cm length
  • Radius: 18.5 meters at 185 cm length
  • Full Wood Core
  • Dual Metal Laminate
  • Powder Rocker Profile
  • Carbon Stringers
  • Moderate Tip and Tail Taper
  • Turned-up Tail

Product Description

The Nordica Enforcer Free 110 Skis are meant for skiing deep snow. But what differentiates this ski from other powder skis out there is its unique ability to be a versatile ski for being 110-millimeters underfoot. The Construction of this ski features a Balsa wood core along with 2 layers of carbon stringers and two full length sheets of Titanal both sandwiching the core. As a result, you get a moderate flex, a nice snappiness and rebound, as well as vibration damping and stability at high speeds. Despite the dual metal laminate, this ski doesn’t feature a super stiff flex which is perfect for a ski like this as the more forgiving flex creates a surfier and more playful feel, promotes float, and is more approachable to a wide range of skiers. With that said, even the most aggressive skiers can hop on this ski and charge as hard as they want. A standard rocker-camber-rocker profile give you edge hold and stability where you need it, and float and releasability for an effortless experience in the deepest snow. While there’s no question that this thing can handle some seriously deep snow, we think it’s important to note his ski’s ability to handle firmer snow as well. Advanced to expert skiers looking for a powder ski with the ability to perform in a variety of conditions should look no further than the Nordica Enforcer Free 110 Skis.

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