Blizzard Black Pearl 82 Women’s Skis


Sidecut: 121/82/105 at 166 centimetersRadius: 13.5 meters at 166 centimetersCore: TruBlend FlipCoreUnidirectional CarbonAbility Level: Intermediate to Expert skiers

Product descriptionThe Blizzard Black Pearl 82 is a women-specific all-mountain ski designed for intermediate to advanced skiers who spend the majority of their time on groomed terrain yet want a bit of added versatility from their skis. Not as wide as the 88 and not as narrow as the 78, the Black Pearl 82 sits right in the middle of the lineup as the wide carving ski. It retains a lot of torsional stiffness and is very nimble edge to edge, but it is wide enough to use if things get a bit softer as well. A subtle rocker profile in the tip and tail provides some great forgiveness and maneuverability so you wont feel locked into one turn shape. The core construction of this ski reduces how demanding the ski would be, given its shape, and makes it much more forgiving, particularly in softer snow. While its certainly not a floater, it is wider than a true frontside carving ski, so you essentially get no loss of edge hold and on trail performance while gaining some additional capabilities when it comes to handling variable snow. A generous sidecut on these skis helps them create a shorter turn radius for skiers that prefer making shorter turns or who enjoy a really dynamic ski experience at higher speeds. Women who want a powerful, yet forgiving ski that doesnt come with the weight of full metal laminates will love the Blizzard Black Pearl 82.

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