Blizzard Entertainment Tecnica Women’s Mach Sport HV 85 Ski Boots 2023 Graphite


Product Description

Intermediate women skiers can now rejoice with a blend of comfort and performance with the Tecnica Machsport 85 HV Women’s Ski Boots. The HV stands for high volume, and not only is the fit generous in the forefoot, but the instep and cuff are on the voluminous side as well. Featuring a 103-millimeter forefoot last and an 85-flex rating, the MachSport 85 HV are all about comfort, but still provide enough strength and precision for advancing skiers. In terms of performance, the 85-flex is ideal for skiers looking to perfect the carved turn and have a bit of power to spare for off-trail adventures. It’s a great flex for intermediate skiers, although beginners and lighter advanced skiers will find a lot of fun and confidence in the 85-flex. These boots are all about energy transfer, and the quicker your movements are the better your edge transmission will be when going in to a turn. If you’re looking to maximize your time on the hill and gain some skills while progressing in the overall skiing process, check out the Tecnica Mach Sport 85 HV women’s ski boots.

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