Catch Surf Odysea Log Tri Surfboard White 8′. (In-Store Purchase Only)

  • Construction: dual-composite core, triple wood stringers, HDPE bottom
  • Nose: rounded
  • Thickness: 3.125in
  • Shaper: Catch Surf
  • Tail Shape: squash

The forecast is calling for knee-high mush all week, but we still need our surf fix. A longboard with a classic shape that has been ridden by generations of surfers, this board can be ridden by all skill levels. A wider nose offers better planing that makes paddling and catching waves easier, while the squash tail helps you make quick, sharp turns. Responsive maneuvering comes from a combination of triple wood stringers and a dual composite core that offers the right amount of flex and stiffness for clean glassy overhead days. When we are pumping through a barrel trying to beat that close-out, the tri-fin setup gives that extra stability and drive to help us be the victor and come out on the other side.

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