HO Sports 2K (907 kg) 60′ (18.3 Meters) Deluxe Tube Rope


60′ in LengthShips Assorted Color: Red, Yellow or BlueOver 6,000 lbs. Average Tensil StrengthUp to Six Rider Tube Rope

Need a strong and durable tow rope for your inflatable tube? HO Sports has what you’re looking for. The HO Sport Deluxe 2K Tube Rope has an over 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) average tensile strength, will handle up to two rider tube or 340 lbs. (154.55 kg) and is 60′ (18.3 meters) in length. Choose a color and you’re ready for fun. Rope is a durable braided designed polypropylene.

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