Marker Griffon 13 Ski Bindings 2024, Gray/Silver, 100mm


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  • ANTI ICE RAIL: Tackling icy conditions becomes a breeze with the ANTI ICE RAIL technology, which prevents ice buildup and ensures your bindings function flawlessly, regardless of the weather; use the metal rail to scratch off ice and snow below your boot sole
  • INTER PIVOT 3 FREERIDE HEEL: The INTER PIVOT 3 Freeride Heel delivers exceptional power transmission and precise edge control; its design allows for a natural ski flex while maintaining optimal retention and release capabilities
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: The Multinorm technology incorporated into this binding enables easy adjustments to cater to touring, GripWalk, or alpine boot sole norms; Additionally, the Griffon 13 boasts upgraded screws and a centralized swing weight, making it an optimal choice for executing spins and twists
  • TRIPLE PIVOT ELITE TOE: The Triple Pivot Elite Toe delivers top-notch boot hold and release functionality; with a horizontally oriented spring and an intelligent design, this toe piece provides consistent release values and reduces the risk of premature release
  • GLIDING AFD: The Gliding AFD (Anti Friction Device) ensures consistent boot-to-binding contact; this technology guarantees precise energy transmission, reducing unwanted friction and allowing for seamless ski performance

Product Description

MARKER GRIFFON 13 SKI BINDINGS 2024 Versatile performance freeride binding for lighter riders – Griffon 13.
Lighter version of Jester, providing same features for younger and lighter riders, is one of most versatile freeride bindings on market today, made for advanced to expert skiers. Griffon 13 is equipped with Triple Pivot Elite toe and Inter Pivot 3 freeride heel.
Both are light and stiff and deliver improved edge grip and control. In addition, Anti Ice Rail ensures effortless scraping off snow and ice from boot sole. Its Multinorm technology allows to adjust binding to accommodate either touring, GripWalk or alpine boot sole norms. On top Griffon 13 features enhanced screws and centralized swing weight, ideal for spins & twists. Griffon 13 is available with 90, 100, 110 and 120 mm brakes in several color combinations.
Toe construction with DIN/ISO up to Z 18 allows for impressive retention when freeriding. Spring in toe is inserted horizontally and with sole plate inclined by 5° it provides higher energy absorption to reduce risk of early release. Large supporting surface optimizes power transmission and allows for great stresses and strains. In relation to their weight, toes with this technology therefore achieve never-seen-before performance.

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