Men’s Wake Front Zip-(Blk/Grn)

  • reversible, zipper front, performance jacket
  • Non CGA

Product description

Reversible. Tapered cut. Neoprene material *Neoprene will keep you warmer if your spending a lot of time in the water. It is a soft material with a more custom feel and fit. Full front zipper. Non-Coast Guard approved. *NCGA Vest, or comp vests are low profile, easy to move in, light, performance oriented. SM-fits chest size 32″-36” Jacket should fit very snug to prevent the jacket from pulling up over shoulders and ears once in the water. Jackets tend to loosen up and stretch once in the water. *Jacket fitting for adults is measured by chest size. If the consumer tends to be heavier around the middle they may want to choose a jacket that has adjustment buckles in front as opposed to the zipper in the front to allow for extra room.

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