Nordica 2023 Sportmachine 100 Ski Boots (25.5)

  • Flex Rating: 100
  • Last: 102 mm
  • Shell: Infrared PU
  • Cuff: Infrared PU
  • Cuff: Infrared PU

Product Description

Intermediate and advanced skiers will find both comfort and performance with the Nordica Sportmachine 100 ski boots. The 102-millimeter forefoot last is ideal for skiers with wider than average feet. They’re not too wide that you’ll lose control with your foot banging around. Ski boots are all about transferring energy from your foot to the ski, and the faster that happens, the better the performance. When energy is lost due to improper fit, then that performance suffers because of the lag time. When blood flow to the toes gets stifled, cold feet and poor performance ensue. For skiers looking to maximize their time out there on the hill, this is not a good thing. Fortunately, the Sportmachine 100 has a more generous instep to allow proper circulation. From a performance standpoint, the 100-flex rating is a gateway to advanced and expert-level skiing. By this point, you’ve learned how to carve a turn, and now you need more support for getting rad in the off-piste terrain. The stiffer the boot, the stronger the performance, so for skiers looking to step it up and get some better These boots have a great blend of features, and a wide variety of skiers will find proper fit and performance. For skiers looking to step up their performance while still being comfortable, Nordica Sportmachine 100 Ski Boots are just the right match for you.

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