Nordica Wild Belle 74 Ski w/ TP2 Compact 10 Binding – Women’s (15845)

Brand Nordica
Sport Type Skiing
Material Tp2
Skill Level Advanced, Intermediate

Product Description

The Nordica Wild Belle 74, a women’s ski with bindings is designed to accelerate your progression in the sport of skiing while building confidence and providing maximum fun. Built for beginner and intermediate skiers, this ski features a full wood for a smooth and stable ride. Thanks to its 74-millimeter waist, it’s very easy to maneuver. A rocker-camber blend of 85% camber, 10% tip and 5 % tail rocker, keeps the ski in contact with snow when you need it most, and makes transitioning in and out of turns easier with the slight rises in the front and back of the ski. A soft flex allows for a very approachable application, taking you from skidding your turns to perfecting carves in way that allows you to enjoy the overall experience and keep you coming back for more. A shorter binding plate also enhances performance by boosting your ability to flex the ski and initiate those turns. And by lowering the position of the plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that maximizes your control. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and boasting smiles run after run. The Nordica Wild Belle 74 Women’s skis with TP2 Compact 10FDT Bindings will let you confidently explore the entire mountain effortlessly.

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