One Mfg Beer Snowboard & Ski Wax 260g – All Temperature rub-on or hot wax

  • WHO SAYS WAXING CAN’T BE FUN? – Our Shape Shifter waxes combine our quality, all temp, hydrocarbon based wax with unique shapes and scents. An entertaining way to keep your snowboard or skis running fast.
  • LOOKS LIKE A BEER CAN – But smells fruity. Because really, nobody wants their wax to smell like the nasty carpet in the basement of some old fraternity.
  • 260g OF ALL TEMPERATURE WAX – That is a lot of wax! Enough for multiple snowboards or pairs of skis. Can be used as a hot wax or rub on. Optimized for the most common winter snow temperatures, 28ºF to 21ºF (-2ºC to -6º).
  • THE SHAPE SHIFTER SERIES IS PART OF A WIDE LINE OF ONE MFG WAX PRODUCTS – X-Wax = Olympic level speed, 4WD Wax = affordable performance, F1 = all temperature convenience, Viper = quick applications, Eco Leaf = recycled and plant based waxes.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Developed, tested, and manufactured in the USA. Buy American when you can, and support your local shop.

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