Serius Heatwave Neck Up


 Seirus® exclusive Heatwave™ lining
• Sleek, comfortable neck protection
• 4-way stretch

Thin, lightweight, and warm, cover your face and neck in the Seirus® exclusive, heat-reflective Heatwave™ fabric with an easy to use, single-piece tube that stays on no matter what. For the ultimate cozy feeling take the Heatwave™ Carbon neck tube with you on all your winter adventures.

The revolutionary dual heating system found in the Heatwave™ lining reflects and amplifies your body’s heat to produce that warm cozy feeling we all look for. Reflective Heat, Amplified. Thermal Reflective stage – up to 20% warmer. Kinetic stage – Amplifies Temperature 4-5°.

Recommended for: people who prefer a lighter fleece, any prolonged activity in cold conditions (everything from commuting to skiing)

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