Solar Adventurer: 3500 mAh POWERBANK + 3 WATT SOLAR PANEL


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  • POWERTRAVELLER SOLAR ADVENTURER: Portable, lightweight 3-watt solar charger with built-in 3500mAh lithium battery – a complete charging system housed in one unit. This portable solar panel includes a “daisy-chain” feature – allowing users to charge their devices whilst the internal battery bank is being charged by the solar panels. When size and weight is at a premium, the solar adventurer is a perfect solution and ideal for cycling, biking, camping, hiking – anything off the beaten track.
  • VERSATILE CHARGER: Charge virtually any 5V device via USB including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony smartphones, GPS and GoPro, plus head torch and smartwatch. The internal battery pack charges smartphones 1-2x, smartwatches 14-15x and GoPro 2-3x. It can also charge a SAT phone 1x.
  • SAFE, INTELLIGENT DESIGN: This portable solar charger features a 4-colour LED indicator which displays the level of power left in the integrated power bank, meaning users will never be caught without power. The incorporated MPPT technology allows the unit to continue charging devices even in low light level conditions, such as a cloud passing in from of the sun. Packed full with protection features including short-circuit protection, low voltage protection and overload protection.
  • PROTECTIVE STORAGE CASE: The included portable travel case has been developed using toughened materials and includes integral fixings, straps and a carabiner so that the solar adventurer charger is well protected and can be firmly secured to a backpack or bike panniers to make the most of the day’s sun. There are also pockets within the case to hold cables and tips.
  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTION: The Solar Adventurer is a complete portable charging solution for when space and weight is important. Featuring self-sensing switching technology, the Solar Adventurer will automatically start to charge a device once connected and will optimize the charging parameters required.

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