Tecnica Mach1 100 MV Ski Boots Mens Black


2018 Tecnica Mach 100 MV Ski Boot

Product descriptionKEY FEATURES C A S Polyester Shell is anatomically shaped for improved fit comfort and hold Rear Spine with Fiberglass Insert supports for powerful control without unneeded weight Keeping control of your skis doesnt mean you have to put on difficult and uncomfortable boots You could just wear the Tecnica Mach 1 100 MV Ski Boots instead The Polyester C A S Shell is an anatomic design with space left open to improve comfort like a taller toe box and asymmetric ankle spacing as well as a deep Achilles pocket to improve overall hold And if even that doesnt make you comfortable the entire boot from shell to liner and even the boot board are customizable to allow for a boot fitter to give you a fit designed to your every need SPECSLast Width 100Skill Level ExpertFlex Stiff

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